DF-ERHV-DT Air Sampler

Mobile High Volume Air Sampling System - Emergemcy Response

DF-ERHV-DT Air Sampler

The DF-ERHV-DT Series Air Sampling Systems are designed for temporary or emergency response continuous air sampling applications. The DF-ERHV-DT Series Air Samplers feature a brushless motor with electronic motor speed control that maintains a user selectable flow rate. The flow rate range attainable through the filter media is dependent upon the air porosity of the filter media. Flow rates as high as 119 m3/hr (70 CFM) are attainable with certain glass fiber filter media. The DF-ERHV-DT Series design accommodates rapid field service and component replacement.

For mobility, the air sampler is housed in a rugged weather resistant polypropylene enclosure with wheels and multiple handles. The tripod, accessories and consumables are stored in an identical heavy duty polypropylene case. The air sampler is connected to the discharge port of the filter holder mounted on the tripod by a rugged flexible plastic hose. The DF-ERHV-DT model utilizes an 8 in × 10 in (20.3 × 25.4 cm) filter. The 8 in x 10 in (20.3cm x 25.4cm) filter holder is stored in its own enclosure.

The electronic flow control measurement sub-system of the DF-ERHV-DT Series provides an operator selectable reference standard corrected flow measurement and a constant flow of air through the filter medium. The air flow rate is measured by a precision-machined DP sensor. The controller can be readily set to any sampling flow rate between 17 - 119 m3/hr (10 – 70 CFM). The flow rate obtainable depends on the filter paper air flow resistance.


Basic components of the system are modular and independently serviceable. Sample flow rate can be set be-tween 17 - 136 m3/hr (10 – 80 CFM).

Technology: Microprocessor controlled state-of-the-art electronics
Operating Temperature Range: 0ºF* to 122ºF (-17ºC* to 50ºC)
* warm start/continuous operation
Operating Relative Humidity: 0 – 95% RH
Typical Flow Rate Range: 10 – 70 CFM (17 and 119 m3/hr)
(Depending on filter paper dimensions and air resistance).
Motor: Brushless, 1.5 H.P. (1100 Watt) motor with electronic motor speed control
Power: 100-120VAC; 50/60Hz; 9.5 amperes; single phase.
Housing: Heavy duty polypropylene case with strong ABS latches and wide-track polyurethane
Wheels: Features stainless steel pins, hardware, and padlock protectors.
Dimension  Case 1 and 2:  48.00 in x 17.00 in x 14.00 in (121.92 cm x 43.18 cm x 35.56 cm)
Dimensions Case 3:   20.5i n x 20.5 in x 20.5 in (52.07 cm x 52.07 cm x 52.07 cm)
Weight: 53 lbs. ( 24.0 kg.) Case 1; 40 lbs. (18.1 kg.) Case 2; 19.4 lbs. ( 8.7 kg.) Case 3
Shipping Weight: 75 lbs. ( 34.0 kg.) Case 1; 50 lbs. (22.7 kg.) Case 2; 25.2 lbs. ( 11.4 kg.) Case 3
Installation Category: Pollution Degree 3
Enclosure Rating: IPX3
Automatic Flow Control:
The system microprocessor monitors flow rate relative to the preset STP flow rate established during the setup procedure and electronically adjusts the electronic motor speed if necessary, to maintain the flow within ± 4% of setting. The microprocessor computes the STP flow rate by correcting for temperature and pressure observed at field conditions