Two-Way Ranging “Live” Radiation Source

Two-Way Ranging “Live” Radiation Source

TWR Features:

Run Seamless Training Exercises:

Model: TWR Source (Two-Way Ranging Source)
Physical Dimensions: 73mm x 117mm x 22mm (2.875in x 4.625in x .875in)
Weight: 180 grams (6.4 oz)
Audible Output: None
Display: Multicolor LED indicates: on/off, battery status (+50%, +25%, less than 25%), connection status during configuration, programming status
Controls: Single pushbutton – power On/Off
Power Requirements:

Construction: High strength water resistant plastic case

Wireless Communication:


Supported Features:

SCC Application:

Range of Operation

The SIM-TeqTM System is a wireless training network of simulated dosimeters, survey meters, and TWR Sources managed and controlled by the Simulation Control Center (SCC) application.

SIM-Teq™ Features: