NRF-30 Personal Dosimeter

For Gamma and X-Ray Detection

NRF30 Dosimeter for gamma radiation

The NRF series Electronic Personal Dosimeter (EPD) is a suitable for detecting and monitoring radiation in the restricted areas of nuclear power stations and other nuclear facilities. The NRF-30 measures gamma and X-ray. An audible alarm activates if the dose or dose rate exceeds a preset value. The dose value detected by the EPD is sent to a Computer system through a Reader, to allow you to effectively manage personnel safety. Dose, dose rate and operating-time alarm values can be preset with setting device. The EPD can be easily calibrated with Calibrator. The technically advanced dosimeters of the NRF series and their accessories can be combined to effectively protect your personnel from dangerous levels of radiation under a wide range of conditions.


Detector: Silicon semiconductor
Dose equivalent range:
(Sv) 0μSv to 999μSv
   1.000 mSv to 999.9 mSv
   1.000 Sv to 9.999 Sv
(rem) 0.0  mrem to 999 mrem
   1.000 rem to 999.9 rem
Accuracy: ±10%(0.1m Sv to 9.999 Sv, 137Cs)
Energy range: 30 keV to 6 MeV
Energy response: ±20%(50 keV to 6 MeV, 137Cs)
Angular response:
±20% (Up to ±60 degree, vertical and
horizontal, 137Cs)
±50% (Up to ±60 degree, vertical and
horizontal, 241Am)
±30% (All around horizontal, 137Cs, free air)
Linearity for wide range of dose rate:
±10% (0.1mSv/h to 9.999Sv/h, 137Cs)
Display: LCD (With backlight)
Alarm volume: 85dB to 100dB (at a point 30cm away from the top of the buzzer)
Communication method: Infrared communication
Ambient temperature: - 20°C to +50°C
Ambient humidity: 35% to 95% Non condensing
Power supply: “CR123A” battery
Battery life: 1 year or more (when used for 8 hours a day)
or 4 months or more (when used for continuous monitoring)
Size: 60W x 78H x 27Dmm (excluding clip)
Mass: < 100g