Step-Off Pads

step-off pads for decontamination

Our PolyTack Entrance Mat is made from an incinerable polyethylene film that removes foot borne particulate before entering the clean room area. Seamless, one-piece construction allows full surface coverage and eliminates gaps between mats for large surfaces. Numbered tabs provide easy identification and sheet separation. Only .065 in thick, our mat allows easy mobility for carts and wheeled machinery for removal of wheel borne contaminants. The material contains a special anti-microbial agent to provide long-lasting protection against bacterial growth. All cases include four mats per case, 30 sheets per mat, except Model PTM-103P. Model PTM-103P includes six mats per case, 15 sheets per mat.

Ordering Information

Model Color Dimensions
PTM-101 Clear 18 in x 36 in
PTM-101P Yellow 18 in x 36 in
PTM-103 Clear 36 in x 36 in