Lead-Lined Drums

For Storage of Radioactive Materials / Waste

Lead-lined steel DOT drum

The 30 and 55 gallon standard DOT 17H RAD WASTE (new) drum are 4 pi lined with 1/8 in. or 1/4 in. of lead. The removable overlapping top features a cover with handle, over a 8 in. x 8 in. access hole. The outside is painted yellow.  -wheel dollies are shipped at an additional cost. Unlined barrels also available with or without wheels.

Model Lead Inner Cover Solid
16A35 30 gal Drum 1/8 in lead
16A36 30 gal Drum 1/4 in lead
16A35L Poly Bag, 4 mil
16A-55 55 gal drum 1/8 in lead
16A-56 55 gal drum 1/4 in lead
16A-55L Drum liner, 4 ml
Dolly for 30 gal drum
Dolly for 55 gal drum

Click here for 6 mil bags