L-Block Shields

Drawing Station for Unit Doses of Radionuclides

Stainless Steel L-Block Shield

Stainless Steel L-Block shield

Dimensions: 1/2 in. thick lead, stainless steel, and 9.mm lead glass

The LB-115 standard 0.5 in. (bottom and front) leaded stainless steel shield has a foot print of 12.25 in. inside x 12 in.deep, front vertical is 12 in.and overall height is 19 in. Weight is 85 lbs. Lead glass is 10 in. x 12 in. x 9 mm , 2.0 mm lead equivalence thick for nuclear medicine or research lab applications.

Custom Stainless Steel L-Block Shield

custom l-block shield

Custom stainless steel Lead Lined work station/cave with Lead glass viewing window.

These systems are custom made to customer specifications.   Specify 1 in. or 2 in. interlocking lead bricks, stainless steel cover, with 1 in. , 2 in. x or 4 in. thick lead glass in Stainless Steel frame.

Prices start in the low $5,000 range. Please call  for questions or email sketch for quote.