Rolling Shields - Fixed and Adjustable

For Radiation Therapy Personnel

Adjustable Rolling Radiation Shield

adjustable rolling radiation shield

The Adjustable Lead Shield is raised by easily rotating a hand crank which operates a screw jack (see picture). The shield is set in a metal frame and mounted on four casters that provide maximum mobility. Swivel and wheel locks on each caster provide a means of securing the shield in place.


Ordering Information

16A-1 Adjustable shield

Fixed Rolling Shields

fixed rolling shields

The Fixed Rolling shields have a 1 in. thick lead sheet which will reduce the dose from a cesium source by over 90%. The shield is mounted on a four 5 inch diameter swivel locking ball bearing casters which provide easy mobility.

Ordering Information

16A-048 Fixed Rolling shield 48 in. high

16A-054 Fixed Rolling shield 54in. high